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Sunday, January 26, 2020 2:11:23 PM CT
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BankDirect AAdvantage® Program - FAQ

Click on any question below to view answers to some frequently asked questions about the BankDirect AAdvantage Mileage Program.

How do I earn miles with the BankDirect mileage program?

How do I start earning miles with BankDirect?

You can earn miles at BankDirect by opening a BankDirect Mileage account. Simply click Open an Account in the login area on our Web site, select the BankDirect Mileage account you wish to open, and fill out and submit your application.

You must supply your AAdvantage® number on the application; we'll keep track of your number and report the appropriate miles to American Airlines.

How do I become an American Airlines AAdvantage member?

When are the miles posted to my AAdvantage account?

What if I'm already a BankDirect customer? Can I earn miles?

Will I earn the same rates as I do on my current accounts?

What is the required deposit to open up a BankDirect Mileage Checking, MMA and CD?

Are there any fees on your Mileage accounts?

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